Content batching for Fruvers: here is a small guide to rock!

If you are always struggling to create and post content on your social media channels, then you are reading in the right place.

Shooting photos, recording audio, or videos is time-consuming, and you wonder if there will be a way where you can automate this task… and even to hire someone who sources all the boring stuff (yes, social media posting can be boring too). 

But stop right there and look at the best magic trick you will ever hear from anyone working with social media: planning saves you time, therefore creating all your footage and plan its distribution even two weeks in advance will save you time. So, how can I’ve created a plan and stick to it? No wonder, let me help you with that. I know you are too busy with your retail marketing tasks for your fruver.

(All of this comes from my experience, so you can complete this guide by searching in your favorite engine)

Step 1 of the content batching for fruvers guide: brainstorming your ideas

content batching for fruvers

Start small and write down ten ideas for various posts you want to carry out. Here is some on the fly examples:

  1. Video showing the best tomatoes in the aisle
  2. Showing how we care about customer service
  3. Telling our customers that we have a clean space
  4. A how-to guide on selecting the best avocados in our store
  5. Showing our recently created FAQ section on our website

If you struggle to brainstorm more ideas, here are some questions that will fill the blank space in your head:

Ask yourself:

  • What topics do I want to talk about with my customers?
  • What do my clients/customers always ask about in my store?
  • What anniversaries, holidays, sales, special offers, or other celebrations do I want to highlight?

After asking yourself those questions, you will have some ideas, so let’s continue brainstorming to complete the first step of this content batching for fruvers guide.

  1. Tell the customers how to ask for a refund
  2. To show we have bought some shiny new shopping cars
  3. Next week we will be celebrating the cat’s day. They can find discounts on those items
  4. We will be closing earlier due to curfew
  5. Our vegetables stay fresh thanks to our cooling system

Step 2: there you are, you have now 10 ideas to create social media content. What’s next?

Keep writing everything down, but this time you need to focus on the copy or ”Text description or caption” it will go along-side your videos or photos.

You’re going to write down all your brainstormed ideas. It helps to maintain your voice concise throughout all your social media channels and posts. Do not be afraid. You will do alright. Set some time to focus on this task and do it all at once. You will be proud of your final work when realizing a whole month of content has been created.

Step 3: Create the visuals you will need for your posts

It’s time to go out and record videos, do photo-shooting sessions and use Canva (the best tool right now to create on-the-fly content).

I recommend Canva since it will be easy for you to choose the color-palette to stick with your brand image. You can create infographics, Instagram posts using your photos, How-to guides, and so on. The best thing is you can use it on your mobile and create content on the go. You can give it a try here.

Step 4: schedule your content and rock on!

After this long journey, we have scheduled the content for the next ten days or even 15 days since you can spin some content for your social media.

You can use various apps to do this, or if you don’t want to use more apps (that look easy to use but takes time to set up), you can pin your post in Google Calendar and set a reminder. Keep in mind some social networks have built-in scheduling features. Use them!

So, that’s It. We have accomplished half a month of work by just taking a few hours to plan everything.

Give the content batching for fruvers guide a try, and let me know how it goes in the comment section below. I’m eager to hear your findings!